Friday, 20 July 2012

Episode 18: My Church Notes

By the way, this isn't Nigerian native attire. Can you guess where it's from?

        Hey people! What's up? I recently started taking notes of church services I attend in Evernote. Evernote is an app that allows one to back up stuff online, meaning that I can share my notes with others. I know that most people won't care, but for the few people that will benefit from this, every Sunday, I will update this post with a link to the note taken in church that day. Most of the time, the messages will be by Pastor Jonathan Imogu (Snr) and Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda, the pastors of the churches I attend at home and in school respectively. And by the way, that's what I wore to church today. And no, that's not my church in the picture, it's my scattered room.
      If any note has a faulty link, of if two links lead to the same note, please let me know by leaving me a comment. Happy reading!

Prayer - Rev Eboda -

Eight reasons to praise God - Rev Eboda -

Fresh Oil - Rev. Eboda -

Blessing Your Pastor - Pastor Yemi Adeoti (05/08/12) - Just click on the message title to go to the message. I think that's better than the way I used to do it, posting the message then the link separately. Also, I will be indicating the date of the message from now on. Today happened to be Rev. Eboda's appreciation service for his birthday so a guest minister preached on blessing your man of God and I actually did learn something new.

Rev. Eboda speaks about us as heavenly men (12/08/12) - As a christian, you are to live in the reality of the fact that you are a citizen of heaven. Don't be limited by earthly conditions!

Grace - Pastor Happiness Chukwuedo (19/08/12) - I spent the weekend at home and found out that my church at home had been treating the topic "grace" throughout this month, so this is just one message in a series. I don't have the other messages though.

God is Raising...(prophetic declarations by Rev. Eboda on 26/08/12) - There was no preaching today, just prophetic declarations backed up by scripture.

Living in Excellence - Rev. Eboda (02/9/12) - This September, Rev. Eboda will be speaking mainly on "excellence"; inspirational thoughts to help you get motivated to leave that region of "good enough" and climb to that of excellence!

Manifesting Excellence - Pastor Femi of HCC (09/09/12) - The theme of the month at Harvest House Christian Center is still "excellence", and while Rev. Eboda went to teach at another church as a guest minister, Pastor Femi shed some more light on what it takes to be excellent.

Excellence - Pastor Deola of HCC (16/09/12) - The month's topic, excellence, taken by yet another person.

Guest Speaker at Harvest House - Dr. Glenn Arekion (30/09/2012) - I'm not quite sure of Dr. Arekion gave a title to his teachings this Sunday, but he spoke on the differences between conventional minded people and faith minded people. The very last sentence in my note is an analogy I will never forget!

Guest Speaker at Harvest House - Pastor Wale Olulana (7/10/12) - A motivational sermon, Pastor Olulana outlines 7 ways you can be assured that a bad condition isn't permanent.

Take Responsibility - Rev. Eboda (14/10/12) - The title says it all

Training is Key - Rev. Eboda (21/10/12) - People like Lucifer and Adam that never went through a growing process, but were made perfect, eventually messed up. Rev outlines why we should take training very seriously.

The Rhythm of Destiny - Rev. Eboda (28/10/12) -  I guess the name says it all. Biblical study of the meaning of "destiny"

The Spirit of God - Rev. Eboda (4/11/12) - A new month, a new theme : the Spirit of God. Check it out!

The Life in the Spirit - Rev. Eboda (11/11/12) - "If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit" - Gal 5:25. Seriously, Christians should take this seriously. After all, we share the grace and say things like "and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever"

Money Money Money Part 2 - Pastor Femi Monehin (18/11/12) - This was the second part of a series at a church I visited so unfortunately, I don't have notes of the entire series. But this note is awesome, complete with pictures of illustrations the pastor drew on a whiteboard.

The Mysteries of Honor - Rev. Charles Ngbede (2/12/12) - A guest speaker at my church at home. The title says it all.

The Awesome One - Pastor Jonathan Imogu Snr (9/12/12) - It was our Church's annual thanksgiving, so Pastor Jonathan basically emphasized how we shouldn't take even the littlest things for granted. I think the funniest one was when he said "even being able to rub body lotion..." is by the grace of God! LOL!

I'm a Christian but am I born again? - An original article by me. 
Just a little joke for the Avatar - The Last Airbender fans!


  1. Disun Olowofoyeku24 July 2012 at 13:18

    The attire....Ghanian? Colombian? And that pic....Lol!!! Who'd hav tgot of that? the way what exactly did Joshua do that qualifies him as an earth bender?

    1. Disun Olowofoyeku24 July 2012 at 13:19


    2. The attire is Senegalese. Joshua told the sun and moon to stand still for almost an entire day. Of course, it's the earth that revolves around the sun and not the other way around, so the earth is the one that stood still. He did it when he saw that they needed more time to finish their opponents off and didn't want to give those guys the shadows of night fall to make an escape!

    3. lol ur a case tolu i swear but i disagree that jesus is an airbender. i would say he is the Avatar as he embodies all the elements beening the ominipotent and all. i know of two ocations that he used both earth and water elements.

      when he used mud to cure the blind man. i mean come on if that is not the art of using earth to heal then i dont know what is.

      whaen he walked on wter during the storm. we know he wasnt wearing some new age futuristic shoes that allow him to walk on water. can someone way coincidence i guess not. WATER BENDER IN THE BUILDING


      REVELATION 19 VS 12(HIS EYES ARE LIKE FLAME OF FIRE AND ON HIS HEAD THERE ARE MANY DIADEMS...........) if the dude had fire in his eyes then me must be packing a major arsenal of fire power in him.

      lol just playing around thou but the guy is a true avatar


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