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Friday, 13 June 2014

Episode 39: E3 2014

    So the Electronics Entertainment Expo (world's biggest annual video game press conference) held earlier this week, and as an aspiring game developer, that has been the highlight of my month (not the world cup). I'll post my thoughts on everything that was shown as soon as possible, but I have to finish watching the hours of video coverage the three day conference generated first, so if you're interested in games, watch this space!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Episode 38: E3 and the World Cup 2014

   Hey people! Since my last post, I decided to not post anything till the first week of June 2014. I had originally planned to make one post every weekend, but this week is such a big deal that I chose to save it all and rapid fire from here on. What's the big deal? Well, first of all, the World Cup in Brazil kicks off this week, but while I couldn't care less about soccer, one of my childhood friends helped make an android app to help you keep up with the World Cup (I'm so proud of her!), and secondly, the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014 started this Monday! It's supposed to be a 3 day expo, but for gamers, it's more like a one week thing.
Reuters Sports Reel

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Episode 37: Project Monkey, Cost and Shaders

     Hi guys! I decided to talk about the progress I've made on Project Monkey and realized I haven't posted anything about it since January 2013. Sixteen months ago! How time flies. As I said earlier, I had to take a one year hiatus from actively developing the game so that I could face my final year in the university properly, but I continued to passively work on it by recording my ideas, searching for better methods and tools for the project and using my compulsory final year thesis at school as a whetstone for my game programming skills. You can read more about (or download) the software I created in the process here, and if you don't know what Project Monkey is, you can check out my earlier posts. In this post, I'll be talking mainly about shaders and how they affect the look of the game.
Khuutra screenshots. Left: Cel-shading. Right: No shader

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Episode 36: Check out the app/game thingy I made as my Final Year Project

      So I just finished my fourth year as a physics student in the University of Ibadan and like all final year students, I had to submit a thesis which usually devolves to almost a hundred pages of boring research work that isn't actually useful to anybody or the design and construction of a simple device which applies certain principles which I should have been taught during my stay in school. I'm an anti-usualist (stole that word from Hilltown Bionic's dictionary) so I choose not to do a research on a topic that has already been researched a million times (what's the point of research if it isn't trying to uncover new things?) or build something that no one would ever use after I get a score for my project. I decided to make a physics game and dress it up as an academic project.
My Ideal Gas Law Simulator in Simulation Mode

Friday, 2 May 2014

Episode 35: Nigeria in Call of Duty Game

     Good day dear readers! It's already the month of May and I haven't blogged at all this year. I've been really busy with my final year in the university (between sports, socials and academics). I planned to make four blog posts this month to make up for it, but I may end up making five this month as this post wasn't planned. However, something happened today (May 2nd, 2014) that provoked me to write. Activision announced a new game, Call of Duty: Advanced War and the reveal trailer opened my eyes to how bad Nigeria's reputation has gotten.
A Screenshot of Lagos State from the trailer. Note: Game takes place in the near future

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Episode 34: The Pro Sleek Skatathon 2013

    Hi guys! So a few weeks ago, I posted on this blog about joining a skating club, becoming the head of media and marketing there and trying to organize the first skating marathon in West Africa. You can read the full post here. I wanted to tell you how it all went sooner but ever since the event, I've been so busy with post-event work (like updating the official website with info) that I haven't had time to post on my blog.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Episode 33: Which 8th Generation game console should you buy in 2013?

     The video game industry, when it comes to hardware, has its own unique ecosystem. Unlike phones, tablets and computers, which typically have a new iteration in a hardware series annually, it takes an average of 6 years before new video game hardware is released. The 8th generation of game consoles began last year with the release of the Wii U, and will go into full swing this month as the other two major players release their consoles: The Playstation 4 (November 15th in the US and Canada, November 29th in the UK, and February 22nd 2014 in Japan) and the Xbox One (November 22nd everywhere). If you're thinking of buying a new console during the 2013 holiday period, here are the most important factors to take into consideration before picking which one to buy.'s Mash Up of the controllers for all three 8th Gen Consoles