Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Episode 38: E3 and the World Cup 2014

   Hey people! Since my last post, I decided to not post anything till the first week of June 2014. I had originally planned to make one post every weekend, but this week is such a big deal that I chose to save it all and rapid fire from here on. What's the big deal? Well, first of all, the World Cup in Brazil kicks off this week, but while I couldn't care less about soccer, one of my childhood friends helped make an android app to help you keep up with the World Cup (I'm so proud of her!), and secondly, the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014 started this Monday! It's supposed to be a 3 day expo, but for gamers, it's more like a one week thing.
Reuters Sports Reel

    If you've been following my blog, then you know I'm a self-acclaimed jock-geek hybrid. My friend (@Deejay_Dibs on twitter) doesn't say that about herself, but that's the way I see her. She's a DJ (yes, she plays music at clubs and parties) and also a programmer. Reuters Sports Reel is great for sports enthusiasts, and not just for this World Cup. Check out some of the features:

  • Near-live photo coverage and results notifications from the world’s major sporting events:
  •  Tour de France, Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix
 and the US Open Tennis

  • Near Real-Time Photo Coverage
  • FOLLOW YOUR TEAM - Choose who you’ll be supporting for each event so when a goal is scored, a player is sent off, the checkered flag falls, the sprint is over or the rally ends, Sports Reel will send you a notification. Even if you can’t watch things live, you’ll still know what’s going on.

You can get more details or download the app here.

    The second thing I'd like to talk about is E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). It's the world's biggest annual video game conference held in Los Angeles. In 2012, I made an RSS Reader App for streaming headlines from E3 and uploaded the app for anyone to download. However, I hadn't yet gotten into the habit of properly backing up all my work online back then. I've lost the code and my account with 4shared (where I uploaded it to) has been deleted so that app is lost. I'm much better at making apps now though. I'll remake the app before next year's E3.

My E4 App in 2012 (Electronics Entertainment Expo Eye)
     My non-gamer readers will have to excuse me because all my posts this month will be about video games. It's both my hobby and my career choice after all. I have three articles planned though I may end up posting more. Having owned a Nintendo Wii U for 6 months now, I've been meaning to write an article on which Wii U features work in Nigeria, which ones don't but I decided to wait for Nintendo's E3 press conference in case they reveal anything I'd like to add to the article. Microsoft made an announcement about the Xbox One last week that really disappointed me, but again I chose to wait till after their press conference before writing an article.
    The third article I'd like to post is my own way of participating in E3 as a video game developer. I'll upload a video showing all the characters you'll play as in Project Monkey and I'll also show off some game play. I have spent hours every day of the last 5 weeks working hard at having something worth showing to show you. Within the next few years, I hope to be at E3 showing off my latest work-in-progress to the world's biggest video game journalists along side other game developers. Pastor Jonathan Imogu (Senior Pastor, Victory Inheritance Ministries) says "A closed mouth is a closed destiny" and from all the Kenneth Hagin books I've read, I've learned that being created in the image of God means I can speak things into reality just like God does. It has worked for me thus far (there's nothing I've ever spoken and worked towards that I haven't gotten) so I won't stop speaking until y'all see me standing on that E3 stage, and then, I'll only speak bigger!

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