Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Episode 40: Project Monkey's First Trailer

    Hi guys! So I've been working on my first video game since April 2012, so it's been a bit over two years now. Twenty six months to be precise. All this time, I've been posting small updates and screenshots, but I've never actually posted a trailer for the game. I decided to finally do so, so without further ado, here's the trailer. You can read more details further down in this post.

       First of all, the software I used to merge the various video clips and then play a single tune over the final video somehow reduced the video quality so I couldn't upload a HD video. Hopefully, in future I'll find software that will let me make HD trailers. I just hope I won't have to pay for it. Nothing good is ever free nowadays. Remember I recently had to buy the commercial edition of my game studio so that I can have access to certain features that will make the game better. Secondly, a lot of the features are still glitchy and I still need to improve my code, but I thought I really had to release a trailer now, even if I haven't been able to perfect those things. You might notice a few of those problems when you watch the trailer.

     So with that out of the way, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) code of the game hasn't been written yet so I couldn't show an actual race in the trailer. The trailer shows three monsters racing through the same stage, each one taking a different route. Khuutra, fastest on land, will use the game's homing jump feature, Obilicleon will use his wall-run ability while Goshawk will fly. If I had had more time to make the trailer, I would have added a section where Mmiri swims across. That's the way I'm designing the levels. There will be shortcuts scattered all over each stage, but only certain monsters can use certain shortcuts. There are also aerial obstacles that won't disturb regular characters, but flying characters will have to dodge dash around.
     I'll be taking a six week break from the game development so I can face some exams I have coming up. Hopefully, I'll get a lot of work done between October and December and post another trailer before the year ends. Let me know your impressions on what I've shown so far by leaving me some comments. Arigato gosaimasu!

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  1. Not bad at all considering you're the only one writing the code...


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