Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Episode 31: Where did your weirdest best friend go?

      Hello dear readers (the few who would be left at this point). I apologize for barely posting anything this year, but it's probably been the craziest year of my life so far and I haven't been able to slow down enough to blog about it. I've done everything from learning to skate, training for a basketball tournament, getting my heart broken, creating a website for the first time (I'm a software developer, not a website designer), putting out my first android app, learning to create software as part of a team of programmers, working on creating my first video game, working at an NGO that deals with economic process technologies, travelling by road to another country for the first time, pissing people off, getting really pissed off and I'm not even going to start talking about my spiritual life and my relationship with girls because those are probably the two most exhaustive stories for me this year.

I still do a fair amount of drawing.

      To make up for all the posts I could have made, I'm going to make one post a week for the next few weeks, each one summarizing a different topic amongst those listed above. This is not a commercial blog. I can't even make money from it because my topics are too disparate and no online advertising service would allow me put adverts on this blog when the blog doesn't speak to a specific audience. And it doesn't help much with my street cred. So why do I bother?
      I guess sharing experiences is one of my hobbies. It helps me forge stronger bonds with people when I understand what they've been through and when they can feel my pulse too. And it helps me think clearer. When I can give account of something, I can more clearly see how that thing fits into the big picture, and where it doesn't. And I've realized that I've made less progress on Project Monkey this year than I did last year, because last year, I blogged regularly on it and that pushed me to make some progress before my next blog post.
      I know that I only have a small group of readers, and most of you are my friends and family. I'll keep pouring my not-too-private thoughts into this blog for your infotainment, and for myself. There's just too much in my head and heart and I need to let some of it out.


  1. Awww.... U ll be fine :*

  2. Adedamola Akinsanya31 October 2013 at 19:23

    Keep pushing. Things always work out with time. The blog is a very good idea. It won't do you any good if you shatter competely on your journey through life.

  3. Okay, i'm not gonna complement you yet. I'll be waiting for more posts.

    1. I already made one more post.


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