Saturday, 7 December 2013

Episode 34: The Pro Sleek Skatathon 2013

    Hi guys! So a few weeks ago, I posted on this blog about joining a skating club, becoming the head of media and marketing there and trying to organize the first skating marathon in West Africa. You can read the full post here. I wanted to tell you how it all went sooner but ever since the event, I've been so busy with post-event work (like updating the official website with info) that I haven't had time to post on my blog.

   In the last few days leading up to the event, we learnt some important lessons that'll help when organizing next year's skatathon. Things like how it's far more efficient to sit on a queue and see the person in charge of something than to stick strictly to protocol. We got immediate easy results from doing that, after 9 months of repeatedly submitting letters to the subordinates of the person in question. Things like how many people would rather just fill a paper form to register for an event and pay directly to you, than go to your website and fill the same form online, after paying the same amount at a bank. I mean, out of 81 skaters that participated in the event, only about 20 registered online.
    So I and the president of Pro Sleek Nigeria were interviewed on MiTV to talk about the upcoming event and skating in Nigeria generally, and then I went on radio, Diamond 101.1 FM with the events manager of Pro Sleek for the same reason. What did I learn? How fake TV and radio can be (or maybe have to be?), since it's all about appearance. It also made me wonder "who watches MiTV anyway?" and "who listens to Diamond FM, anyway?", seeing as almost no one I know saw or heard it.

In retrospect, while we successfully held the event, it was much more of a learning process for us and a growing step for the Nigerian skating scene at large than it was a successful event. We made a lot of mistakes and handled many things inefficiently, but I'm glad I got to be a part of this whole thing. We will never have another as poorly executed as this was because not only have we proved to ourselves that we can pull it off, but we've learnt a lot of things to do or not do next time. If you want actual details, pictures and videos from the event itself, you can check out

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