Saturday, 26 November 2011

Episode 1: Wierdest Best Friend Premieres!

   It's almost an hour past midnight and I've been spending the last two hours setting up this blog. I will randomly update this blog a few times a week. Of course, I'll have more time during weekends so let's assume I'll post once every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then maybe once more during the week. I'll more or less talk about events in my life and my reflections on them in with an episodic presentation.
      So let's get right into it! The most memorable thing to happen to me in recent memory, very recent in fact, just happened forty five minutes ago. "The Experience" gospel concert, the largest gospel concert in the world has been held in the first week of December in Lagos since its premiere in 2006. It's a free, open-air, all night concert. This year however, we have to register at, and take the proof of registration (a code sent to your phone and email) to any branch of House On The Rock church to redeem your ticket.
     Why? So they can see all the attendees before the concert. This minimizes the risk of Boko Haram ninjas bombing us during the concert. Annoyingly enough, I tried to register yesterday and saw a countdown timer that showed that the next round of registration began at midnight. When it was 12, I discovered that only 100 people could register per day! Between midnight and 12:10a.m, I watched 100 tickets slip by me as I struggled to register while fighting the tides of the heavy hits the site got within that time period! :(

     Well, I guess episode 1 has been relatively boring but not everything has to start with a bang. Besides, I have a whole weekend before me to post!

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