Saturday, 26 November 2011

Episode 2: Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

      I just checked my yahoo mail and found a message that says "The Experience 2011 - Registration Successful". My lamentations in yesterday's post were premature, but now I have to redeem my ticket before 4p.m tomorrow. Now I just have to try and register for my friends, family and date. What? Is it bad to take a date to a gospel concert? Don't look at me that way.
     I don't have much to say about this weekend besides the fact that tomorrow is the annual thanksgiving at my church, but next week is gonna be packed for me. The family should be moving to our new place at VGC this week. Throughout last week, the house was being renovated as the brand new beds and furniture were moved in. We taking nothing from our old house there. Then Friday will be "The Experience" gospel concert, all night long. And my younger brother, Femi, is coming back from school :)
      Speaking of thanksgiving, this week was the thanksgiving week in the western world. I'm so jealous of those guys right now! They get to buy goods at half price or less on Black Friday! I had my eye on the Zelda 3DS Bundle and tried desperately to send some money to any of my friends. I just couldn't find a way to send cash to anyone but my cousin in Canada. Unfortunately, there were no Black Friday sales where he was :(
    By the way, right now, I'm doing my I.T (industrial training as we call it in Nigeria, read: Internship) at my dad's office. I'm working as a computer programmer so my job is to create computer programs for his work. To keep the story short, let's just say he's running an NGO called NDF (Nigeria Development Foundation) so I'm going to be creating a lot of accounting and cash related software.
     So until school resumes on Dec 19 (as the rumors say), I'll blog more about work than girls or basketball. Finally, just for the laughs, here's a music video that's so terrible, it's hilarious! Yes, even worse than Rebecca Black!

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