Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Episode 3: Experience the Armband!

      I've been trying for the last two days to upload a video but not only has the internet speed become slower, the phone lines (regardless of which network you use) have become unbearable. I was able to redeem my ticket to "The Experience" then the most stupid thing happened. I put on the ticket (it's an armband) and later discovered that I couldn't take it off! They designed it so that one can't send his ticket outside for someone else to reuse the same ticket and get in. I put it on five days early!

          I had to take my bath with that stuff on my arm on Monday morning! My sleeves hid it when I went to work but I decided I couldn't keep doing that everyday till Friday. So, I forced the band off but it's partially torn now. I guess I can still use it to get in anyway. I thought those kinda things only happened in sitcoms. Anyway, this week has been off to an awesome start! Pop's new car was delivered yesterday (Monday), a 2008 Toyota Sequoia. It's huge! It makes the land-cruiser look small and it's packed full of features I didn't even know a car (besides the Bat-Mobile) could have!  
        Right now, I'm at the office working on an RSS Reader. I'll upload it when I'm done for you guys to download and use to keep track of this blog ;) I haven't had time for anime or games yet so I still can't blog much on those. The NBA is back and they say the 2011/2012 season starts on Christmas day. Oh, and one more thing. Happy Birthday to my closest male friend at U.I (University of Ibadan, my school), Ifeanyi!

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