Monday, 26 December 2011

Episode 4: The Christmas Hangover

    First, I want to apologize for not posting in over a month, even though I don't know yet whether anyone reads this blog, seeing I just started it. I've been really busy in the last few weeks because my family just moved into an awesome new house and that led to many time consuming stuff. We're much further away from the office now (I'm doing an internship at my dad's office) so it takes forever just to get to work.
        Throughout last week, I had to  drive us to work (in pop's new, huge Toyota Sequoia that I never dreamed of driving) while pops alternates between working at the back of the car and yelling about my terrible driving skills. *Sigh* I will remember last week forever. My driving skills really improved between Monday and Friday!
      Every Christmas, my dad or one his brothers hosts a buffet where my extended family just gets together to eat and chat. This year happened to be our turn to host Christmas since we just moved in so we've been so super busy making sure the house has everything in place that one would expect to be in a house, though we didn't move with any of our old stuff (besides a few clothes and of course, books) since they're too old. All the furniture and electronics in the house are brand new and somebody had to do the shopping.
        It's been a really busy month for me but I do love the new stuff. 55 inch 3D TV? Check! Awesome decorations that have no functionality besides looking cool? Check! New fridge and freezer stuffed with enough leftovers from Christmas to ensure we don't have to cook for a week? Check! New girlfriend? Well, I'm working on that. After my date on Thursday, I'll let you guys know whether she said yes or no. And no, I can't tell you her real name here. We'll just call her............."awesome".
     I have finally managed to get some time to watch anime. I've been watching Naruto Shippuuden. It's impressive. I don't know, should I review each saga I watch on this blog or talk about what the highlights were for me and should I avoid posting potential spoilers or should I assume that my readers have watched the same episodes I have? I also watch many other animes and Naruto is my fourth favorite, so don't assume I'm simply a Naruto fan. So let's make this a bit more interesting. Sound off in the comments section; was this Christmas nice, overrated or terrible for you? Mine was really great but I know someone who's STILL having a shitty time as I write this :(

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