Saturday, 31 December 2011

Episode 5: 120 kilometres

       So it's the last day of 2011! Yesterday was meant to be my date with 'awesome' (introduced in episode 4 of this blog), but apparently, her boyfriend didn't give her permission. What? Pops let me have his car for the date so I didn't tell him it was off. I just took the car out, dropped some peeps from my house where they needed to go for their own errands, and drove to Ifeanyi's house. He's my closest friend in my university.
      I guess me and awesome will never happen. I even asked if I could come to her place (I know her parents will flip, but I could park nearby and she could come out to meet me) if only for ten minutes because I wanted to make sure I gave her her Christmas gifts this year, not whenever we meet in school next year. She said I couldn't come. She's a really nice person, so even if she really wants to say "Fuck off and leave me alone", she'll say something like "I'm sorry, maybe next time. But I reeeaaaaally wanted to go!". That way, I don't know when what she's saying is undiluted truth or candy-coated words to avoid hurting my feelings.
         So Ifeanyi and I started composing a song together, then I drove him somewhere for him to run an errand, then he took me out to was so romantic. Seriously though, I didn't plan on my day going that way, but I found it funny when I realized I was technically on a date with Ify. As for the title of today's episode, I ended up driving a total distance of 120kilometres today, yet, I really didn't go least not where I really wanted to go.
        I actually wanted to list the highlights of my year in this post but I will have to do that in next year's first post. I've had a really shitty day. I got dragged out of the house before I could even have my bath or breakfast, got home late in the evening and have to leave home now for the cross over service at church. Happy new year people!

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