Monday, 10 December 2012

Episode 25: The Patient Dog vs The Early Bird

     "The patient dog gets the fattest bone"......"The early bird gets the worm".......Do you see a problem here? These idioms are quite popular, but they don't tell you the full story. Let's expand that first one:
  • "The patient dog gets the fattest bone, but all he gets are bones!". 
There, that looks more practical. And the second one?
  • "The early bird may get the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese".
       I was taught the original idioms in primary school. Life has taught me the modified versions I've written here.

Two patient dogs watch the others fight. Notice tiny dog make off with some meat. Yes, those are leopard skinned dogs, and the bull dog has a boxing glove, just because I can! If you don't like it, draw your own picture mwuhaha!

     After the two orange dogs wait for the fighting to end and go to claim the prize for their patience...
After letting the other dogs eat the meat, the patient dogs have to fight for the leftover bones
      It's too little too late for these guys. It pays much better to be a go-getter right? Yeah, then you might end up like the first mouse that got caught in the mouse trap, leaving the way free for the second mouse.
He doesn't look like he's gonna help that first guy...
     Hmm, that reminds me of the time Naruto dashed for the bells Kakashi had left on the floor and got caught in a trap, leaving the bells free for Sasuke and Sakura to grab!
What an idiot

      How do you make yourself an "early bird", and not a "first mouse"? Caution. Courage. Conflict. In other words, preparation, but really quick and hard preparation. Not the kind the orange dogs above did. More like this mouse here
This is planned risk taking
       You know that mouse can still get caught in the trap if that thing hits its back and not its head. So basically, you can't totally eliminate risk. Another mouse might tell this mouse that he was lucky to get the cheese from the mouse trap, and if I were the first mouse, I'd respond by saying "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation".

      This entire blog post was inspired by someone that is very special to me. Someone that motivates me to keep going harder at improving myself in everything I do (and I do a lot of things). My girlfriend. I'm writing this to tell her how much she inspires me. I have never met a girl with such a wide array of talents before. You've probably seen the statement "Instead of searching for Ms. Perfect, try to make yourself the man she deserves" before, maybe with slightly different words. It just became real to me.
      I've been working hard at improving in basketball, software programming and game development, drawing and artwork, playing and composing music, my spiritual life, and even this blogging thing is meant to improve my ability to write comprehensive and interesting pieces. I never thought I'd actually meet someone as awesome as she is, or that such a person could actually fall for me too. She actually likes my weird geek-jock combo!
       To the most amazing girl I have ever met, the girl that makes me laugh, and allows me to be totally transparent, I want to say thank you for being awesome and for motivating me to keep becoming more awesome myself! And for you skeptics that would want to remind me of idioms like "If it's too good to be true...", hold that thought. She doesn't like anime or video games so there!


  1. Nice piece! Analysed properly and definitely romantic. I hope to mee that girl soon. Hmmm. lol!

  2. buhahahahs,............. guess who dis is..........ifeanyi stfu......lyk u haven't met her yet


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